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Basic Guidelines for Living


Most religions would have us follow a set of paternalistic, ancient texts that are full of conflicting messages and supposedly inspired by a powerful supernatural being and written when knowledge of the laws of nature was virtually non-existent. We are, on our own, capable of providing an appropriate set of guidelines that allows each of us to seek happiness while living harmoniously with each other and with nature. Inherently, most people are basically good. We don't need the fear of the wrath of a supposed supernatural being to motivate us to act on our positive impulses. There are a basic set of guidelines that reasonable people can agree to and follow in living their lives. The following are some of those precepts, developed and matured over many generations by varied cultures across our history:

A person should strive to be virtuous. Virtues are positive traits considered to be inherent in morally good people. While not always easy, an individual should aspire to following a set of virtues such as:

Together, we need to strive to build a strong sense of community for all people regardless of their individual beliefs, that supports each person's need to lead a happy, productive life. A strong sense of community has been shown to be associated with improved well-being and feelings of increased safety and security, and promotes active civic participation and a greater sense of civic responsibility.

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